Workshops & Sessions

Workshops & Sessions! 

Amrita Public School believes in advancement of teaching skills as well as learning according the growing world.

We therefore keep our teachers and students updated with the latest skills and knowledge they need to be aware of. We give both teachers and students the training to meet the education standards of the school. We provide them the knowledge they need for the enhancement of classes.

In order to elevate the learning system, we organize training sessions for teachers by renowned and skilled trainers and coaches to enhance the teaching methodology and meet the students' needs according to various learning styles and the 21st century ablities.

We organize workshop for teacher where we share thoughts about Improving teaching styles, communication skills, effective notes writing, improving students' behaviour and many such subjects which are essential for better classes. For students, monthly trainings are conducted on time management, Exam preparation and Memory techniques to memorize information effortlessly.

By conducting such workshops and seminars, we are constantly leveling up our learning ecoystem for the strive to give the best peice of information to our students by working on their overall persona.

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