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Education is a journey to confidence. As the principal of Amrita Public School, I believe in a leadership that shows you how to do, instead of telling you. It gives me immense pleasure to work with the outstanding management, brilliant staff, and motivated students of APS. The constant evolution of the organization brings me the assurance of our major role in moulding the future of the youth. I put in my trust in engaging with creativity and innovation at its best for the growth of a school. We, at Amrita Public School aspire to transform lives by brimming the student-minds with the zeal of leaving a mark. I am certain of proving to every parent, the visible development of their children studying with us.
A school is successful when it succeeds in uplifting its students. We are committedly trying to originate a deep understanding among teachers, students, and parents to ensure transparency. The atmosphere of APS is created to connect the giving brains and the receiving minds with the appropriate frequency. We promise to be bothered about your child’s over-all growth including the ethical values, morality, and mental aspects. I’m keen to contribute in the maturing aura of Amrita Public School.

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